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The enlighten system is an industry-leading platform for tattoo removal and benign pigmented lesions. It is the first system on the market to feature both nanosecond and picosecond pulse durations and the ideal blend of parameters – the correct wavelengths, the correct spot sizes, and the correct energy levels – to effectively address unwanted pigment and ink.

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-sabrena simon
3 months ago
Anyone know what error 1530 is?
The problem is intermittent. More prevalent with smaller spot sizeReply


-MedWrench Crystalyn
a year ago
Cutera Enlighten
Cutera Enlighten Reply


a year ago
Cutera Enlighten Service Manual Needed
Does anyone have a service manual for the Cutera Enlighten that they can share? Also, looking to find out what error code 1530 is for.Reply


Cutera Enlighten


  • Dual-Pulse System: The Cutera Enlighten Pico uses longer pulses at two nanoseconds a piece and short, 750/660 picoseconds to deliver powerful, efficient, ink removal and pigmentation correction.
  • Non-Thermal Photomechanics: The quick pulses that break apart the targeted area with discoloration or tattoo ink combined with the high peak power effectively correct the skin pigment without increasing heat and causing tissue damage.
  • Multiple Wavelengths: The Enlighten system targets the various colors involved in tattoos (particularly blue and green pigments) using isolated red wavelengths with a laser. These wavelengths are also useful in correcting congenital or difficult-to-treat skin conditions.
  • PICO Genesis™: The Enlighten technology combined PICO Genesis offers a dual procedure that delivers results in three or fewer sessions, compared to the 15 or more treatments required with other pigment correction systems, making this combination highly-effective in dramatic skin discoloration or high-contrast tattoo ink.

Additional Specifications

  • Technology: Pico Technology
  • Wavelengths: 532 nm | 670 nm | 1064 nm
  • Electrical:  110V / 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Consumables: None

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