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Vital Signs/Multi-Parameter

Modular Monitor 12.1" Color Touch Screen, IPXI Waterproof -Standard: 5-lead ECG, Comen SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, RESP, PR, Lithium Battery, Multi-interface,3 slots, -Optional modular: 8IBP, EtCO2, ICG ,C.O., Bis, 12Lead ECG, Multi-gas, RM, Printer C30 Standard Configuration : Host machine + C30 Classic as well as innovative C70 carries on C90's exceptional quality and incorporates high-integrated modular design, effectively streamlining structure, functions and maintenance. Any one or more modules can be combined to meet the changing demands in clinical applications. For ICU and OR C70 is essential to ICU and OR. It is patient's guardian from start to finish, applicable to any demanding monitoring requirement.

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  • 12.1 inch LED backlit display, bright, low power consumption
  • Touch screen, button operation
  • Solid, comfortable handle
  • USB ports can support keyboard, mouse operartion, USB data transfer, software upgrades, etc.
  • DVI-D digital high definition video signal output inteface support
  • Glance modular mechanical structure design, easy disassembly and maintenace, with a high degree of reliability and stability
  • Board Gold fingers connection, stable and reliable signal
  • XP-POWER power, lower heat, less ripple, higher efficiency, longer life
  • Machine fanless design, and fundamentally prevent secondary pollution
  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy stent design, lighter, more stable and better heat dissipation
  • Module data tranfer using infrared transmission mode

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