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The Leica CM1950 is a highly adaptable platform that can be tailor-made for each laboratory.                          

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-Dr. Tamim Jaber
2 years ago
Service software login
Dear all Biomedical Eng. I need your help obtaining the User name & Password to login into service software of the cryostat Thank you tamimj@hmc.co.il

Equipment: Leica Biosystems - CM1950



4 years ago
Blinking Red Wrench
We have a pretty new Leica CM1950 and the device has a blinking red wrench on the panel. The PM has just been done recently and the device has no apparent issues other than the blinking light. Is there a way to reset this and make it go away?Reply


4 years ago
Leica CM1950 object cooling
A client has four Leica CM1950 cryostats. The two older ones are leaking refrigerant in the object cooling system. One has a very slow leak, but the other one is leaking faster and faster. It appears to be in the flexible liquid line. I checked the service manual, but couldn't find a part number. Does anyone know the part number? Has anyone replaced these? Reply


  • UVC disinfection minimizes risk of contamination by infectious material
  • AgProtect, an antimicrobial, nanosilver coating on all outside surfaces also minimizes contamination risk
  • Optional section waste removal system provides a safer environment using a concealed primary filter system for solid waste and a bacterial (HEPA) filter for air.
  • Optional vacuum assisted sectioning makes sectioning easier.

Additional Specifications

Maximum specimen size: 50 x 80 mm               Total specimen feed: 25 mm               Vertical specimen stroke: 59 mm               Specimen retraction: 20 µm or off               Specimen orientation: 8° (x-, y-axis), 360° rotation of specimen disc               Operating temperature range: 18°C to 35°C               Relative humidity: max. 60%, non-condensing               Storage humidity: < 60%               Dimensions and Weights               Width (without handwheel): 700 mm               Width (with handwheel): 835 mm               Depth (cabinet only): 850 mm               Height (total): 1215 mm               Working height (armrest): 1025 mm

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