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Electrosurgical Unit

BOWA’s 20 years of experience and the most up-to-date technology combine in the ARC 300 all-in-one unit. Settings for more than 20 standard operations are pre-programmed - and updates are continuously being added. Inside, extremely fast processors ensure that the ARC CONTROL is optimally integrated at all times.

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Safe: The EASY electrode application system monitors the neutral electrode connected to the patient and signals any change in resistance to the user.

Flexible: 2 monopolar and 2 bipolar outputs enable 4 different instruments to be configured independently.

Clever: The continuous self-test program ISSys monitors all safety-related parameters several hundred times a second and signals any faults.

Convenient: More than 20 of the 100 locations for storing programs are already preprogrammed. They can be shown and hidden as well as named individually. Information can be displayed in different languages as required.

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