Eschmann - TD- 830
by Eschmann

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Electrosurgical Unit

TD 830 Electrosurgical unit - outstanding pe Designed for outstanding performance TD830 bipolar and monopolar generator provides cutting and coagulation output modes; easy to use, giving optimal speed and precision, essential when the minimisation of tissue damage is a priority. Designed for patient and operator safety Designed for accuracy and ease of use The TD830 is very easy to use. The simple clear colour coded front Eschmann has always panel enables the user to select monopolar and bipolar modes at known that safety is of the touch of a button

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Additional Specifications

TD 830 GENERAL SPECIFICATION Input Mains 230V a.c. 240V a.c. 220V a.c. 11 0V a.c. ± 10% Stabilised for } 50/60Hz Monopolar Power Normal cut Blend Cut (specialist) Pinpoint Coag. Spray Coag. 345W 300W 345W 170W 79W Nominal load Crest Factor 1.9 3.0 2.1 5.1 8.7 TD830Accessory Sets Accessory Set (comprising): Electrosurgery 83-117-22 Basic Unit. 83-109-82 1 x Lightweight double electric footswitch 83-141-01 1 x Active electrode handle Strong on Accuracy, Safety and with cable and plug Power. 83-122-49 1 x Pack of 4 Flexoplates 83-207-56 1 x Flexoplate adaptor Open Circuit

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