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Dental Equipment

DAC Premium,  DAC Professional The class B autoclaves are  universally suitable for all autoclavable items. Suitable for all thermostable products and sterilisation types; no additional sterilisation device is therefore required.

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  • DAC Professional – Take advantage of the many convenient features Compact solution with integrated fresh water and waste water tank 
  • Easy handling minimizes operator errors 
  • Robust, compact, reliable Documentation with printer, CF card or directly on the PC without additional documentation software is possible 
  • Complies with all relevant norms for legal certainty 
  • Sterilization (quick program S) is possible in just 15 minutes (without drying) 
  • Process control 
  • You can document all program cycles either with the NitraPrint log printer or digitally with the NitraFlash CF card. DAC Professional / DAC Professional Plus not only gives you perfectly prepared instruments, it also gives you legal certainty.

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