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Film Processor 

Expect performance excellence from the processor just as users do from other components in an imaging system. After all, users are making a critical diagnosis about a patient's condition. ALLPRO Imaging's 100 PLUS, with tabletop convenience, delivers quality images for every patient, every time. 100 Plus Film Processor Quality is built into every part of the 100 PLUS for exceptional durability: stainless steel chassis, corrosion-resistant tanks, oversized high-torque gear system and powerful cool-running drive motor. User's time is valuable and patients is waiting ... process a series of skull x-rays in three minutes, or two views of the lumbar spine in less than two and a half minutes.

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-kim s
10 years ago
replenishing pump

my replenishing pump is bulging I need a new one do you have any, product # 47590



10 years ago
replacement gears

I am looking for replacement gears for my all-pro 100 plus x-ray film processor in the dryer area. where can I find these parts?



  • Microprocessor Control
  • High Capacity Film Transport System
  • Convenient Installation
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Efficient Time Management

Additional Specifications

  • Film Capacity: 138 films/hr (continuous feed) for 17"/43 cm

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