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Ultrasound System

The BK Medical Falcon 2101 EXL Ultrasound Machine has high image quality and versatility what makes it perfect for a wide line of applications. With intuitive interface and user-defined settings features, the Falcon optimizes your imaging conditions as well as your time spending. The mobile, sleek and compact design provides ultrasound scanning where you need it, precisely when you need it. Also equipped with the right tools: a comprehensive collection of transducers with corresponding puncture and biopsy equipment.

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  • Frequency range of 1-20 MHz provides the highest resolution in its class
  • Four transducer connectors (three array and one mechanical)
  • B-K Medical’s patented continuous uniform focusing technology ensures optimal resolution at all image depths
  • Compact and mobile, so it can be used wherever and whenever you need it
  • Ergonomic, with height-adjustable keyboard and monitor and logically grouped controls
  • Full 15″ flicker-free monitor provides optimum viewing
  • Optional fully integrated 3-D package, including tracked pullback support for relevant transducers
  • Simultaneous split screen feature lets you display two active ultrasound images on the monitor at the same time
  • Convenient storage space on the unit itself, with a compartment under the keyboard for accessories
  • Upgradability ensures you of long-term investment security

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