De Montfort - Mark 9
by De Montfort

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This model is a development of the Mark 3 and is to be built where high rates of combustion are required. It simplifies the construction, particularly of the steelwork, and thereby reduces the likelihood of failure due to distortion of the steel top plate.

It should be built on a concrete platform of at least two metres square, and should preferably have a roof to protect it from rain. The roof may also incorporate the support for the chimney stack.

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  • Capacity: 50 kg/h
  • Lifespan (average): 3-5 years

Additional Specifications

  • Fire bricks 230x116x76mm 300
  • Cement (Portland) 250 kg
  • Ballast (for concrete base) 500 kg
  • Sand 1000 kg
  • Fire cement (high alumina) 100 kg
  • Rolled steel angle (mild steel) 40x40x3mm thick 42 metres
  • Rectangular section mild steel 75x75x3mm wall thickness 2 metres
  • Flat sheet (mild steel) 2400 x 1200 x 3mm 1 sheets
  • Mild steel pipe 150mm diameter x 3mm thick (approx) 3 metres

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