Stryker - Neptune SafeAir Pencil
by Stryker

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Smoke Evacuation Pencil

Neptune SafeAir Pencil enables use
on open surfaces and inside cavities, giving you more functionality and more relief from surgical smoke.

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  • Fully integrated suction/power cord is light and ultra flexible for ease of motion and tangle-free cord management.
  • Lightweight and natural feel.
  • Ergonomic design optimises grip and comfort.
  • Tactile buttons provide Comfort and Control,  available in push button or rocker switch.
  • On-tip suction captions surgical, smoke and the potential hazards it carries, Directly at the source.
  • Compatible with wide range of SafeAir electrodes and Colorado Needles.

Additional Specifications

  • ULPA filtration is verified to have particle collection efficiency of at least 99.999% at 0.1 microns per IEST-RP-CC007
  • Helps reduce exposure to smoke-related biohazards 
  • Designed similar to electrosurgical
    pencil with emphasis on end-toend balance; eases transition to
    a multi-functional pencil

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