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Suction Pump

Accuvac Basic fulfills the requirements for quick, safe and effective aspiration of patients. All the functions have been ergonomically designed. The device permits adaptation to every suction situation thanks to its infinitely variable negative pressure regulation. The Accuvac Basic is highly portable and tough enough to deal with extreme weather conditions.

Equally important is independence from a stationary power supply so that it can work at the scene of an emergency or in a rescue vehicle. In addition to its use as a suction pump for airway suction, it can also be used to deflate vacuum splints and mattresses. 

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  • Mobile suction machine
  • For adults and children
  • high suction flow of approx. 20 l/min at -0,8 bar
  • pressure regulation through vaccum control Button up to  -0,8 bar
  • negative pressure display on manometer
  • Integrated one way secretion bag

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