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DR System

The Acuity SDR+, is a digital radiography system designed for a wide range of general and specialized diagnostic imaging. One of RadmediX most popular x-ray solutions, the Acuity SDR+ is known as the straight arm system that can do it all, no matter your practice. The semi-automated, pre-programmed positioning allows for maximum efficiency, which includes up to 60 customized, pre-programmed positions of any exam type. The integrated digital flat panel detector offers flexible imaging of all anatomy with unmatched resolution at industry leading lower doses.

The Acuity SDR+ features a 10” touch screen display console which automatically controls all system components while providing the operator with unprecedented simplicity and ease-of-use. Whether working in a general radiology or orthopedic application, the Acuity SDR+ system provides the user with customized work flow, unmatched functionality and exceptional diagnostic quality at an affordable cost.

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  • Intuitive 10” touchscreen display for simplified system operation
  • Up to 60 semi-automatic pre-set positions of stand height, orientation, and SID
  • Removable grid
  • Integrated High Frequency X-ray Generator, with customized Anatomical Programming (APR) from the digital technologist workstation
  • Integrated high performance digital flat panel DR detector, with fast image display and exceptional image quality
  • Occupies the smallest footprint within an 8’ ceiling without limiting full-functionality
  • Technologist friendly features with collimator and system movement controls from Bucky
  • Integrated safety features with multiple emergency- stop buttons and collision sensors
  • Optional: Lightweight mobile patient imaging table, (max. Patient weight 516lbs.)
  • Optional: (AEC) Automatic Exposure Control
  • Dual laser LED collimator

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