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Biological Irradiator

The powerful Rad Source RS 1800·Q X-ray Irradiators are designed to investigate biological responses while providing maximum research versatility accommodating cell, tissue culture, seeds and many more life science applications.

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High X-Ray Output – High Throughput

  • Produces a high x-ray output, and has a large field, providing advantageous configurations for high throughput and dose rate.

Better Uniformity

  • Due to the larger field with no need to collimate the beam, a better uniformity can be achieved compared to standard imaging tube x-ray technology.

Beam Hardness – Built-in Filtration

  • Quastar has filtration built into the design of the x-ray emitter – designed to attenuate weaker non-penetrating x-rays.

Power Efficiency – Increased Life Span

  • The Quastar emitter runs at less than maximum power which increases lifetime of 7 years or more – up to 2.5X longer than the standard imaging x-ray tube x-ray.

Repairable Energy Source Design – Manageable Cost of Ownership

  • Unlike traditional imaging x-ray sources that require full replacement, the Quastar emitter is engineered to be repairable and last up to 7 years. Only Quastar can achieve superior dose uniformity resulting in lower run times.

  • No Radioactive Source – Lower Cost of Ownership (RS 1800)

  • Meets safety requirements specified in Fed. Reg. 21 CFR 1020.40.

  • No Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) License is required.

  • No nuclear disposal requirements.

  • No additional security requirements for nuclear equipment.

  • No additional safety equipment for laboratory staff.

  • Direct Replacement for Gamma Irradiator

  • U.S. Government recognized as a safe and direct alternative for radioactive isotope (gamma) source irradiators.

RS 1800·Q One Day Plug & Play Installation

  • The RS 1800·Q does not need an external water connection to the facility – providing improved workflow efficiency with flexible equipment placement throughout the facility.

Instrument Portability

  • Mounted on sturdy caster wheels for convenient portability improves sample workflow efficiency, allowing for the placement of the RS 1800·Q throughout the facility.

Self-Contained Cabinet

  • All Rad Source irradiators are manufactured as cabinet x-ray devices and conform to the radiation safety guidelines in US CFR 21 1020.41.


Height162.56 cm
Width76.2 cm
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