Abbott - Alinity H-Series
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CBC Analysis

The Alinity h-series of systems integrates hematology workflow, from high-throughput Complete Blood Count (CBC) analysis to automated slide making and staining. With a bi-directional, internal conveyor and a throughput of 125 CBCs per m2, it delivers high performance in one of the most compact footprints available.

The Alinity hq analyzer delivers a Complete Blood Count (CBC) with a 6-part White Blood Cell (WBC) differential and several parameters using Advanced MAPSS (Multi Angle Polarized Scatter Separation) technology. The design incorporates additional angular intervals of light scatter to improve differentiation of the WBC, Red Blood Cells (RBC) and platelets as they pass through the detection area of the optical flow cell.

Together with the use of multi-paradigm numerical computer tools, a machine-learning cell classifier, a Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) and a Graph Adaptive Clustering (GAC), the Alinity hq technology represents an advancement in cellular analysis for hematology.

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Abbott - Alinity H-Series

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Height149.9 cm

Additional Specifications

Maximum Throughput    

119/hr for CBC + Differential

70/hr for CBC + Differential + Reticulocyte

65 stained smears per hour*

Sample Capacity : 120 tubes

80 tubes, 210 blank slides, 120 stained/smeared slides

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