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Airway Monitoring System

Precious neonatal patients require precise endotracheal tube (ETT) monitoring. The SonarMed™ airway monitoring system is the only ETT airway monitor to provide real-time visualizations at the bedside for accurate, informed troubleshooting, which may save precious time and help reduce unplanned extubations.†

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Help Reduce Unplanned Extubations

  • During mechanical ventilation in the NICU, unplanned extubations are the most common adverse events impacting nearly 1 in 5 patients

Decrease Costs, Reduce LOS

  • One study found that each unplanned extubation in pediatric patients leads to hospital costs of $36,692 and an increase of more than six days per case.

Improve Quality Measures

  • Use of SonarMed™ technology may also lower unplanned extubations when combined with other quality measures.

  • Assists in detecting ETT tip movement and direction both upward and downward, notifying clinicians of potential ETT migration in real time.

  • Bedside monitor displays the percentage and location of any obstruction within the ETT and can indicate if removal efforts were successful.

  • Measures the circumference of the patient’s trachea at the tip of the ETT to observe any migration toward a smaller or larger passageway.

  • Easy-to-read screen displays any status changes of the ETT, and monitors the correction of the tube to the optimal baseline position.

  • Customize alarms to sound when migration or obstruction is detected.

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