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Image Guided Surgery System

A minimally invasive approach to aid in the diagnosis of lung cancer. Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) procedures provide a minimally invasive approach to accessing difficult-to-reach areas of the lung. ENB procedures offer an opportunity to aid in the diagnosis of lung lesions with potentially better outcomes.

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Simple planning – superDimension planning software is designed to guide physicians through their planning process.

Target to trachea planning - Creating pathways beginning at the target lets physicians identify and select airways that are proximal to the lesion, then follow them back to the trachea.

Easy setup – With simple on-screen diagrams and instructions, superDimension procedure software guides users through every step of system setup.

Automatic registration – Automatic registration is a simple, three-step process to align patient anatomy with the 3D map. By conducting a quick lung survey using the superDimension locatable guide, registration can by verified before proceeding.

Customizable views – The software’s simplified user interface is based on physicians’ workflow. Users can configure screens to their individual preferences at each work stage.

Enhanced visualization – With a powerful tool for interpreting CT scan data, superDimension software generates 3D maps.

Biopsy guidance – Because physicians can capture, store and display each biopsy location, superDimension software makes it easy to navigate back to previous positions if additional samples are needed.

Advanced on-screen support – superDimension software includes on-screen help and troubleshooting. With a button that’s always present, users can just click to get the answers they need. The application will also automatically prompt you if there is a problem with the system.

Precise fiducial marker positioning – The superDimension navigation system includes fiducial marker placement technology that generates recommended positions after a survey around the target. The positions are calculated to provide geometric separation around the target in smaller airways to minimize migration.

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