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Ultrasound Power meter

OHMIC Instruments Newest Model UPM-DT-1000PA provides the fastest response (under 3 seconds) and the highest resolution (0.001 watts) of any current UPM-DT. The UPM-DT series have been in use worldwide since 1986 and conform to the testing guidelines recommended by FDA, JCAHO, AAMI and AIUM. Power is measured by the radiation force balance method. The accuracy of the UPM-DT’s are traceable to NIST.

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• Fastest response time= less than 3 seconds 

• Highest Resolution: 1mW OR .1 mg in grams mode

• Five point certification (NIST Traceable)

• Measurement Range: 0-30WATTS

• Frequency Range: .5TO 10MHZ

• Measures total pulsed or continuous power

• Automatic zeroing and stabilization 

• Digital display and RS-232 Interface

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