Sysmex - XN-2000
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Analyzer Measurement & Simulator 

An integrated co-primary hematology system with two analytical modules capable of processing 200 samples per hour. Provides advanced clinical parameters, including NRBCs with every CBC, Immature Granulocytes with every Diff, RET-He within the Reticulocyte profile and an all-new fluorescent platelet channel for Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF). The series-wide compact design delivers a smaller footprint for increased physical productivity.

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XN-2000 comes standard with the XN-10 CBC analyzers. Now, they can be upgraded to include the NEW XN-20 CBC analyzer, as a complementary system to the established XN-10. The XN-20 offers an additional analysis channel, the white precursor cell (WPC) channel, which provides improved differentiation of abnormal WBC populations, to add further efficiency to your laboratory.

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