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Portable eight-slice CT scanner designed for dedicated ENT use.

The OTOscan is a truly unique offering in a class of its own. The OTOscan is a portable multi-slice (0.625mm) TRUE CT scanner capable of generating 16 images per centimeter. The compact footprint, internal lead shielding, and robust imaging software make the OTOscan perfect for use in your ENT practice, easily converting your smallest office space into a powerful ENT imaging suite. This compact design, combined with its ability to image both bone and soft tissue, bridges the gap between conventional fixed full body CTs, like those found in hospitals, and the smaller less powerful flat panel scanners found in private practices. [list] [*] Patients receive a total care solution in your office [*] Delivering timely diagnosis and treatment/surgical planning in one appointment [*] Alleviating patient anxieties [*] Saving you and your patients time [*] Ability to acquire bone and soft tissue images in a single scan [/list]

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[list] 8 Slice True CT Scanner (NOT flat panel technology) [*] Complete self contained lead shielding [*] Onboard 10” LCD touch screen [*] DICOM 3 image sets compatible with all teleradiology services [*] Integrates with all PACs Desktop Imaging Computer with 20” hi-res LCD Monitor [*] Hardware [*] Processor: Intel®Core™ 2 Duo Processor 2.13 GHz [*] Memory: 2 GB [*] Hard Drive: 250 GB [*] OS: Windows XP Professional [*] Monitor Resolution: 1600 x 1200 [*] Advanced Visualization Software Package (Barco’s Voxar 3D™) [*] 2D [*] 3D [*] MPR (Sagittal/Coronal/Transverse) viewing Imaging Station with Integrated Lead Shielding [*] Clear leaded glass for patient viewing [*] Swivel casters for easy movement [*] Cabinet storage for desktop imaging computer [*] Articulating arm for 20” LCD monitor Direct Coronal/Axial Chair [*] Ergonomic design provides comfort for all patients (elderly, adults, children) [*] Small footprint [*] Easily interchangeable adapters allow for coronal & axial scanning 2 Day Onsite Training [*] Conducted by a NeuroLogica clinical specialist 1 Year All Inclusive Warranty [*] Covers all parts and labor [*] Quarterly scheduled onsite preventative maintenance visits [*] Includes all software updates [*] OTOscan Move (while under inclusive warranty) [*] FREE transport and set-up within 150 miles (Once per calendar year) Comprehensive Radiation Support Program [*] Medical physicist services for one year [*] Assistance in meeting all local & state license requirements [/list]


Type (configuration)Multislice
Maximum Scan Range60 cm
Gantry (Max. Clearance) 32 cm
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