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The Brilliance CT 16-slice configuration is a complete, high-performance system ideally suited to routine CT studies, CTA, and advanced motion-sensitive applications such as CT colonography and pulmonary studies. With fast reconstruction and a range of automated tools to set up patients and manage scans, Brilliance CT 16-slice can help you make the most of each day. The system also includes a range of thoughtful features to help maximize dose efficiency.

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6 months ago
Service manual install

Hi some body share service manual for philips CT16 brillance

I have trouble with turn on system and need check if voltage from power distribuitor have all voltages for turn on

Thanks for advance 

Equipment: philips CT 16 brillance



7 months ago
Instalation manual
Hi some body have a install manual for philips ct brillance 16 Thanks

Equipment: Philips brillance 16



10 months ago
Gantry not booting

When I am trying to switch on the gantry the gantry is not booting and when looking in error log it shows S MASTER SEQUENCER ESTOP IS NOT CLOSED. What need to do??

Equipment: Philips - Brilliance 16

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[list] [*] High-quality imaging, fast reconstruction, task automation, and evolved ways to minimize radiation dose [*] Scan times of 0.4 sec* full gantry rotation, temporal resolution as low as 53 msec, and reconstruction rates of up to 20 ips* [*] Rate Responsive* technology for advanced cardiac imaging, including calcium scoring, as well as retrospective and prospective gating [*] Patented MRC X-ray tube to provide necessary heat capacity for longer scan times, enabling thin-slice imaging [*] Spiral Auto Start*, which allows you to monitor contrast injections and initiate and stop scans without having to leave the scan room [*] Philips DoseWise approach for optimal dose efficiency to help protect your patients without compromising image quality [*] The only CT user environment developed especially for multislice CT [*] Comprehensive support for you in every season of system ownership [/list]


Type (configuration)Multislice
Maximum Scan Range175 cm
Gantry (Max. Clearance) 70 cm
Image Display18 in flat LCD 4
Patient Weight Capacity450 lbs

Additional Specifications

Configuration: 8.0 MHU MRC X-ray tube 60 kW Generator 0.5 sec Rotation (0.4 sec optional) 16 x 0.75mm, 16 x 1.5mm, 8 x 3mm, 4 x 4.5mm, 2 x 0.6mm 6 ips standard reconstruction (20 ips optional) 24 Lp/cm resolution Brilliance Workspace

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