Agilent Technologies - 5200 Fragment Analyzer System
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Electrophoresis System

The 5200 Fragment Analyzer system is a parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument that improves lab efficiency by allowing you to separate 12 samples in parallel. This system is ideal for low- to medium-throughput labs and is designed to eliminate laboratory bottlenecks so you can focus on results.

The 5200 Fragment Analyzer system performs DNA and RNA quality control (QC) for a broad range of samples, including gDNA, small RNA, cfDNA, large DNA fragments, total RNA, and mRNA. The diversity of sample types that these systems can separate make these instruments ideal for individualized workflows, including library QC for next generation sequencing (NGS) and mRNA integrity analysis in mRNA vaccine production workflows.

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  • Low- to mid-throughput separation – Analyze 12 samples per run using parallel capillary electrophoresis
  • Unattended walk-away operation – Load up to three 96-sample microplates, no further user interaction is required
  • Optimized for speed or resolution – Choose from three different capillary array lengths for either fast or high-resolution analysis
  • Minimized instrument preparation time – Reduce the time needed for instrument setup with no daily array handling requirements and room-temperature-stable reagents
  • Broad assay portfolio – Analyze samples ranging from gDNA, NGS libraries, and DNA fragments to total RNA, small RNA, and IVT mRNA vaccines all on one platform
  • High-resolution separation – Achieve separation resolution as good as 3 bp from fragments under 300 bp
  • Objective quality assessment – Qualify your samples using quality metrics for RNA (RQN) and genomic DNA (GQN)
  • Seamless switching between applications – Load two different gels into the instrument to use different kits within one system setup
  • Comprehensive compliance services – Qualify instruments by IQ/OQ services for use in GMP environments

Additional Specifications

Ambient Temperature    

  • 20-23 °C

Dimensions (WxDxH)    

  • 35 cm x 61 cm x 86 cm

Line Frequency    

  • 47-63 Hz

Line Voltage    

  • 100-240 VAC

Number of Samples per Run    

  • 12

Operating Environment Relative Humidity    

  • 20-80 %

Power Consumption    

  • 150 VA


  • 38.5 kg

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