Midmark - B23
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The Midmark Class B autoclave inside features simple and reliable technology that makes it an ideal companion for sterilizing instruments in a demanding healthcare environment.

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a year ago
Service manual
Dears, Please share the service manual for midmark B23 autoclave and how to remove the 2KB alarm from the autoclave. Thank you

Equipment: Midmark autoclave - B23

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  • Faster printer
  • Closing mechanism
  • Faster door
  • Improved data logging functions
  • More intuitive user interface
  • Smarter diagnostics: simplified maintenance procedures and maximized effective usage time.

Class B cycle parameters precisely monitored and controlled throughout the cycle:

  • Ensuring maximum contact between the steam and the instrument and a uniform temperature distribution, thus establishing the optimal conditions for sterilization.
  • The most difficult areas of access to the most complex handpieces and dental instruments are exposed to the right conditions for sterilization.
  • Guaranteed quick, efficient and complete drying of the load thanks to our vacuum pulse, at the end of the cycle.

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