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High-speed fluorescence and white light imaging, intelligent data analysis, and monoclonality report generation.

Demonstrating that cell lines are monoclonal – or that a gene was edited as expected – can be a time-consuming and highly-subjective process when relying on conventional technologies. The CloneSelect® Imager and CloneSelect® Imager FL are a high-throughput automated solutions for imaging and analyzing mammalian cells. Tracking the formation of a colony from a single cell is effortless as barcoded plates are tracked over time. Automated acquisition and analysis provides accurate, objective, and consistent results.

With high-resolution white light imaging, the CloneSelect Imager provides automated confluence, monoclonality assurance and industry leading acquisition times with the ability to image a 96-well plate in under two minutes.

The all new CloneSelect Imager FL features high contrast multichannel fluorescent and white light imaging that allows for accurate single cell detection and proof of monoclonality at day 0. Streamline your workflow with comparative confluence assays to identify and verify gene edits.

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White light and fluorescent imaging

  • Image every well in every plate with rapid acquisition times with label-free white light. Multichannel fluorescence imaging provides additional confidence of monoclonality and comparative confluence assays (red vs green).

Quickly image a variety of plate formats and cell types

  • Image a 96-well plate in under two minutes. Compatible with adherent or settled suspension cell types such as CHO, HEK, hybridomas, iPSCs, and many other cell types.

High-resolution images

  • High-speed fluorescence and high-resolution white light imaging with accurate detection of single cells including debris. Image visualization and data tracking over multiple days.

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