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The Axon™ Digidata® 1550B plus HumSilencer® is one of the most advanced analog-to-digital signal converters on the market, offering the innovative line synchronous noise-cancelling feature, HumSilencer. This advanced feature learns, adapts, and eliminates local 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise and high-frequency harmonics from incoming signals. The digitizer works with pCLAMP 11 Software for data acquisition and analysis. The software supports eight channels of analog acquisition and four acquisition modes.

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50/60 hz noise cancellation

  • HumSilencer is an advanced feature that learns, adapts, and eliminates local 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise patterns and associated high-frequency harmonics from incoming signal up to 20 V peak-to-peak.

Noise canceling

  • HumSilencer is not a filter and has no effect on acquired signals. It causes no signal distortion such as frequency change, amplitude attenuation, phase shift, or DC voltage change.

Wide range of input signals

  • Digidata 1550B digitizes a wide range of input signals from -10 to +10 V.

HumSilencer adaptation

  • HumSilencer automatically recognizes changes in noise amplitudes and adapts by removing noise in less than one second.

Optimized for pCLAMP 11 Software

  • The pCLAMP Software suite is the most widely-used patch-clamp electrophysiology data acquisition and analysis program for control and recording of voltage-clamp, current-clamp, and patch-clamp experiments.

Three configurations

  • Three configurations are available: Digidata 1550B4 with four HumSilencer channels, Digidata 1550B1 with one HumSilencer channel, and Digidata 1550B0 without a HumSilencer channel.

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