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The only FDA-cleared, room-temperature gas sterilizer.

Building on Anprolene’s established reputation for efficiency and dependability, the next generation AN75 series achieves even more consistent sterilization results. An interactive touchscreen menu combines with component updates to provide the most versatile and effective sterilization system on the market.

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Easy Touchscreen

  • Interactive touchscreen guides user through FDA-cleared instructions for use – reducing the risk of user error. After selecting desired exposure and aeration, sterilizer displays exact time the cycle will complete. Sterilization status and cabinet temperature shown throughout the cycle. Built in Quality Check of components is part of standard equipment operation. Sterilizer automatically performs verification testing before each use.

17.6g EO Cartridge

  • Terminal sterility with 90% less EO than any other system on the market. Cartridge protects the hermetically sealed glass EO ampoule from accidental activation.

Process Challenge Device

  • Built into the purge probe handle to ensure the 10-6 biological indicator is consistently placed in the most difficult location for EO to reach in every cycle – providing data driven results, regardless of the operator.

12 Hour Exposure Cycle

  • Achieves FDA-required 10-6 sterility assurance level for terminal sterilization of medical devices.

Easy Installation

  • Requires only a 120v or 240v outlet and a 1″ dedicated exhaust line.

Free Operator Training

  • It’s like having a sterilization expert on staff! Free operator training for the life of your sterilizer and free 24/7 support.

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