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The vent hose from the sterilizer connects to the AN5100 Abator, which is then vented to the outside of the building for extra safety.

The AN5100 Replaceable Cartridge Abator is controlled and monitored through a single wire connection to the sterilizer. Accurate tracking of gas usage will automatically alert the operator when it approaches time to change the cartridge.

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After 200 cycles, the gas abatement equipment will alert the operator that it’s time to change the cartridge. The old cartridge can be disposed of with ordinary waste, if local regulations permit, or it can be returned to Andersen for disposal. The AN5100.00 Replacement Cartridge is available via standard ground shipping.

Additional Specifications

  • Dimensions    17″ L x 12″ W x 26.5″ H
  • Power    115V, 4 amps or
  • 230V, 2 amps
  • Operating weight    67 lb
  • AN5100 Abator Order #:    115V – AN5100.01
  • 230V – AN5100.11
  • Replacement Cartridge Order #:    AN5100.00
  • Indoor use    Temperature range 68ºF – 91ºF

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