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When combined with any Andersen sterilizer, award-winning gas abatement equipment releases a fraction of a gram of EO per cycle, and less than a pound of total emissions per year, effectively making the process zero emissions. Both abators employ a dry catalyst resin that converts ethylene oxide to biodegradable organic compounds.

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  • Installation is simple, as the abator easily attaches to new EOGas 3 sterilizers. At time of abator installation, the EOGas 3 extractor must be reprogrammed, requiring Andersen Field Service support.

Replacement Drum

  • The AN5200 Abator Drum is available via standard ground shipping. It is designed to abate up to 1,800, 10.5g EO gas cartridges before needing to be replaced. Spent drums are non-hazardous and can be disposed of with ordinary waste, if local regulations permit. Drums can also be returned to Andersen for disposal.

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