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The AireGard™ NU-140 generates HEPA-filtered vertical laminar airflow to provide product protection for sterile but non-hazardous drug compounding or non-hazardous work in microbiology and research labs. The DC ECM motor draws air through a pre-filter and propels it through a HEPA filter to create an ISO Class 5 level of air cleanliness inside a work zone surrounded by stainless steel walls and a work surface made of stainless steel with a PVC core. One easily monitors workbench performance through the Aeromax™ control system that visualizes pressure in the internal airflow plenum. The work zone comes standard with cord-pass throughs and fluorescent lighting but can be optionally configured with polycarbonate walls, an IV bar, LED lighting, outlets, and service valves to meet the demands of your pharmacy or lab’s workflow. It is the only model that can be fitted with a UV light and sliding window.

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  • The Aeromax control system visualizes airflow plenum pressure through a series of multicolored lights and activates both an audible and visual alarm whenever workbench performance departs from normal parameters.


  • The single DC ECM motor powers the airflow though the workbench while economizing energy and minimizing noise. This motor provides enough power to compensate HEPA filter loading for years to come and thereby minimize your laboratory's lifetime cost of HEPA filter replacement.


  • NuAire's signature flexible plenum design complements the DC ECM motor to uniformly distribute the downflow air across the supply HEPA filter and ensure that the airflow in the work zone is laminar. This distinct design also evenly spreads filter loading to ensure a long HEPA filter life.

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