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Biomedical Freezer

The Blizzard™ under the counter ultra-low freezer stores samples by using HC refrigerants and protects them within a structure using steel walls and composite insulation. The small, compact design facilitates easy access, while the front electronic control panel clearly visualizes running parameters at all times and includes a USB port to download 15 years of datalogging. The outer door includes quadruple gasket for a tight seal to the main cabinet while two stainless steel inner doors lead to the inner compartments.

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  • The electronic control system normally displays the freezer’s inner temperature as well as indications that power is flowing to the unit, the cooling system is running, and whether the controls are locked. Touching the inquiry button can show additional information about ambient temperature and voltage. An alarm condition will illuminate an alarm indicator and sound a buzzer, at which time the user can view the cause of the alarm by pressing the Inquiry button to then reveal the alarm code on screen. Other keys allow the user to set the password, set points and alarms, and datalogging preferences.


  • The onboard USB port allows historical data regarding temperature, alarms, and events to be exported for analysis. Users can configure preferences regarding the interval at which data is recorded as well as choose to download data for a number of months, a year, or for all time up to a maximum of 15 years. Remote data output is enabled by the standard RS-485 port. Lastly, the unit features remote alarm contacts. 


  • The outer freezer structure combines VIP and polyurethane foam to insulate the main chamber while the outer freezer door uses quadruple gasketing to defend against the loss of cold air. The outer door perimeter is implanted with heated elements that keep ice and frost build up under control to keep your samples isolated inside. The two stainless steel inner doors compartmentalize the interior and are held in place magnetically when closed.

Additional Specifications

  • Est. Shipping Width Inches (mm)   - 31 (787)
  • Alarms -    Internal Temperature, Sensor Fault, Power Failure, Condenser, Ambient Temperature, Low Battery, Door Ajar, etc.
  • Cabinet Thickness Inches (mm) -   2.75 (70)

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