Stephanix - D2RS 90/90
by Stephanix

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This fully digital system with its flat panel detector inside the bucky enable all fluoroscopy and radiography procedures, but also all examinations requiring direct exposures (patellofemoral, etc.) thanks to the Wi-Fi detector.

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Column angulation

  • The tube column offers a full angle sweep of +/- 40 °. With tabletop movements, it’s easier to do exams requiring oblique rays, even at the end of the table, without moving the patient.

Linear movements

  • The combination of the carriage of the column / detector assembly with the tabletop longitudinal and lateral movements and with the column angulation, offers complete x-ray coverage over the tabletop, whether vertical or horizontal position.

Increased access

  • The D2RS 9090 allows tilting of +/- 90 ° , has a variable height from 38 cm(15”) to 148 cm (58”). Accommodating tall users, and offering the lowest height on the market welcoming patients with reduced mobility.


  • Accessible to challenging or bariatric patients, the table has no movement restrictions up to 230 kg and can support up to 310 kg in horizontal position.
  • The touch control console offers an ergonomic interface combining modernity and aesthetics.

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