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R/F Systems

Apollo EZ is the solution designed to overcome any installation limits in narrow spaces, thanks to its compact mechanical structure, and to allow an R/F room to be created with an affordable investment.

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In the spirit of renewal

  • Based on an upgraded, high performance hardware architecture, the new remote control console introduces features and solutions that further increase ease of use and efficiency of the system, thus helping to speed up the workflow and increase productivity in the R/F room. 

Versatility and efficiency

  • Rapid and concurrent movements reduce dramatically the patient preparation time and increase workflow. On the film-based versions, the powerful spot film device, available with either line or cross divisions, can fit virtually any application need, while the one-hand cassette loading and unloading mechanism grants a maximized speed for this frequent operation.

Safety and patient care

  • Special attention is always by us given to patient's dose reduction, by employing a number of provisions, such as reduced skin-to-film-distance, automatic collimation, fully automatic parameter settings in both fluoro and exposure. Additionally, in order to grant the highest level of safety, a dedicated anti-collision device on the vertical tilting movement stops the motion in case of contact with foreign objects The spot film device, compatible with numerous formats of radiographic cassettes, makes the preparation of the examination simple and fast through the automatic cassette loading and alignment mechanism, thus allowing multiple images to be acquired in succession on the same film through the line and cross divisions

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