Thermo Fisher Scientific - Shandon Cryotome FE and FSE
Manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Shandon Cryotome FE and FSE adapts to multiple users and samples. It’s rapid temperature response reduces turn-around time.

Ease of Use: Adapts to User Expertise
Microtome outside the cryochamber makes it easier and quicker to clean.
Simple, intuitive, multi-lingual touch-screen display for easy instrument operation.
Complete temperature controls on the main touch-screen display.
Color coded levers and graphics make knifeholder adjustment obvious.
Angle of clamp plate enables easy specimen pick-up. Easy to use Anti-roll plate (glass or plastic).

Faster Specimen Turn-Around Time
Microtome outside the cryochamber allows faster temperature adjustment.
Cryobar with adjustable temperature controls and dedicated cryobar refrigeration system (0º C to -55º C or colder with the boost facility) rapidly cools specimen to help prevent freezing artifact.
Specimen holder temperature control (FSE only) allows for enhanced sectioning of a variety of tissue types.
Cryotome® cools rapidly from ambient to set temperature in as little as 2 hours.
Easy removal of frozen specimen from the cryocassette with the "Quickheated" specimen release feature.

Peace of Mind
Dual compressor system ensures specimen integrity by keeping specimens frozen if the cryobar fails.
Remote Alarm alerts user in case of system failure.
Multi-level security code protection prevents unauthorized access and protocol alterations to the Cryotome.

Safety and Security
Microtome outside the chamber allows easy decontamination and cleaning.
Positive locking flywheel prevents injury while working around blade and specimen.
CFC-free refrigerant and foam insulation.
Automated fumigation cycle to disinfect the cryochamber.



3 years ago
CRYOTOME / 77200187 errors

Getting Error F-18 & F-3

Can any help on these errors.


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The three-level adjustable footrest provides greater comfort and helps reduce fatigue whether sitting or standing.

The rounded exterior edges and the raised cutting area provide comfort while sectioning by eliminating back strain and fatigue.

Various sized shelves allow the user to arrange working layout inside the chamber to suit their individual needs.

Additional Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) : 49.2” x 27.8” (+ 5” for handle) x 29.3” (125 max. x 70.5 (+ 12.5 cm) x 74.5 cm) WORKING HEIGHT: 41” (105 cm) max. CHAMBER ACCESS WIDTH: 19.7” (50 cm) min.

Weight : 275.6 lbs. (125 kg)

Power Requirements :1800VA (220-240 Vac); 6,147 BTU/Hr 1800VA (110-120 Vac); 6,147 BTU/Hr

Microtome Section - Thickness Adjust :1 to 20µm in 1µm steps 20 to 60µm in 5µm st

Microtome - Total horizontal specimen advance :25mm

Microtome - Cutting Stroke :57mm

Microtome - Trim wheel :8µm indents

Microtome - Motorized Coarse Advance :1mm/sec

Microtome :Specimen Retraction Standard

Refrigeration - Cryochamber :0ºC to -35ºC

Refrigeration - Cryobar : 0ºC to -55ºC or colder (with boost facility)

Refrigeration - Specimen Head (FSE only) : 0ºC to -40ºC (within +/- 10ºC of chamber temperature)


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