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Uses computer-controlled 32-bit software operating in the Microsoft Windows environment, providing the user with real time information

Biochrom 30 Series use computer-controlled 32-bit software operating in the Microsoft™ Windows environment, providing the user with real time information and on-line monitoring of the status of the instrument. A buffer usage monitoring function gives the user a reminder to top up buffers and reagent before running a series of samples. Standard analysis programs are stored via a network or on hard disk and can be used as the basis for building up a library for each and every specific need. A calculator-style function operated via the mouse or keypad is used for program input and editing. This provides flexible and extensive programming of buffers, flow rates and temperatures giving the instrument the ability to run a large number of programs day or night without user intervention. The sample log keeps a record of all the samples loaded and the analysis program may be copied and printed to give a daily or weekly record.

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[list]    [*] Convenience - Load and Go Post-column photometric detection of amino acids with no additional derivatization procedures     [*] Flexibility - Integrated software enables automatic sample set-up, flexible sample analysis, networking and exporting of data     [*] Versatility - A wide variety of sample types can be analysed using the available range of programs and columns     [*] Compact - Bench top design requiring minimum lab space     [*] Serviceability - Ergonomic design for ease of Maintenance    [/list]

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