JEOL - AminoTac JLC-500/V

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The AminoTac is a next-generation amino acid analyzer.

The AminoTac attains higher analysis sensitivity of ninhydrin colorimetry, which provides high stability, while featuring a multi-segment tandem column, which provides quick analysis and longer column life. Windows based software makes the AminoTac easy–to-use and its modular design makes for compact storage and maintenance.

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11 years ago
Free amino acid or within protein amino acid?


I'd like to ask if the AminoTac will assay only free amino acids in my sample, or amino acids that are bound in a peptide chain as well. Meaning, if I only want to assay free amino acids, should I centrifuge out my whole protein as well?

Thanks for any information you can provide.


Inderpreet Jalli, PhD Candidate



[list]    [*] Eluent pump Flow sensor feedback and phase-control pulse mixing type     [*] Flow rate constancy under pressure    [/list]


Height900 mm
Length 750 mm
Weight250 kg
Width950 mm

Additional Specifications

Number of bottles: 2l × 2; 1l × 1    Maximum operating pressure: 35 MPa    Flow rate range: 0.001 to 1,000 ml/min.    Temperature: 4 to 10°C     Measurement wavelength: 440, 570, 690 nm

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