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KEN 521-OS is a disinfecting washing machine developed for CSSD’s,operation departments in which the demands on quality are high.

KEN 521-OS is a disinfecting washing machine, especially developed for CSSD’s, operation departments and anaesthesia departments in which the demands on quality, capacity, flexibility and full process documentation are high. KEN 521-OS constitutes a reliable as well as an operational solution which cleans, disinfects and dries all types of surgical instruments, hoses, bottles, glass items, etc. on a high quality level. A KEN 521-OS ensures an always correct and uniform washing of your equipment. In addition, KEN 521-OS is a user-friendly machine with an ergonomic design, simple operation, display with clear text and the possibility to monitor and store process data via an external PC.

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Programs [*] The KEN 521-OS is supplied with 4 standard programs, which can be re-programmed on site upon request - alternatively new programs can be added. [*] Choice of program as well as program process are reported continuously on the text display of the machine. Process Documentation - Printer [*] A printer can be incorporated at the clean or the unclean side to document correct program process, machine settings, statistics, and error log. Collection of Data and Error Codes [*] The computer stores the latest 100 completed processes. It is possible to monitor and store process data via an external PC. [*] The 521-OS holds 33 error codes which are reported in clear text on the display, possibly with indication of telephone No. of your service partner/repairman. One or Two Doors [*] The 521-OS is supplied with one or two doors upon request. By choice of pass-through models the hygienic advantages by separation of the clean and unclean functions are utilized. Water Connection and Drying [*] In standard execution, the 521-OS is supplied with 2 water connections; however, upon request 3 connections can be supplied. [*] Hot, filtrated air is blown through the system in order to dry the items inside as well as outside. The drying module operates according to the "self-thinking" KEN principle by which the drying time is adapted to the quantity and type of goods in question. Chemicals [*] Complete dosing equipment for detergent and rinse aid is standard equipment, however, the machine is available with up to 3 dosage pumps. Heating and Exhaustion [*] The 521-OS can be supplied for electrical or steam heating upon request and with connection to exhaustion to ensure an efficient steam removal. Alarm [*] It is possible to mount flashing/acoustic alarms to indicate completed washing or malfunction in the program process. [*] Green LED for indication of completed program process. 1820 mm

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