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Automatic, microprocessor controlled, .

The LANCER 1300 UP is a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, freestanding glassware washer designed to wash inside narrow necked laboratory glassware using injectors and open glassware using rotary spray arms. It has stainless steel construction throughout and is finished on all six sides with bodywork of AISI 304L stainless steel.     LANCER’s drop down door provides a loading platform eliminating the need for a loading cart and minimizing the overall footprint of the machine while providing a positive door seal to prevent leakage and ensure proper rack placement. The electronic programmable microprocessor of the 1300 UP is capable of storing 40 programs, each containing up to 53 userdefinable functions. By using pre-programmed cycles with recommended treatment parameters, it will effectively pre-wash, wash,   rinse, thermal disinfect, and dry glassware, utensils, surgical instruments, and parts prior to any necessary sterilization.     [b][i]This item has been discontinued[/i][/b]

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-hany salim
13 years ago

i want to know the distributer of lancer 1300 up in egypt



[list]  Quality and Standards   [*] Manufactured under ISO 9001 accreditation.   [*] UL-921, Standard for Safety for Commercial Electric Dishwashers.     Peristaltic Detergent & Acid Pumps   [*] Allow for precise addition of either chemical agent for critical   cleaning applications.     Built in Automatic Water Softener   [*] Automatic regeneration after each wash cycle with low salt alarm.     Water Level Sensors   [*] Two independent sensors control chamber water level and prevent   overflow.  [/list] 

Additional Specifications

External: 57 ¾” H x 26” W x 27 ¼” D (1,470 x 660 x 690 mm).   Internal: 25 ¼” H x 19 ¼” W x 19 ¾” D (640 x 492 x 500 mm)   Effective Wash Chamber Loading Area:   · 381 square inches (2,458 square cm) on each of the 3 levels for a   total of 1,143 square inches (7,374 square cm), minimum.   Water Consumption:   · 4 ½ Gallons approximately per fill.   Heat Loss:   · 3,410 Btu/hr (999 W) maximum.   Sound Level:   · 65.5 dB.

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