Lancer - 1600 LXP
by Lancer

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Need maximum capacity? Try four levels of washing!

The Lancer 1600 LXP freestanding glassware washer dryer is typically found in large centralized facilities or in laboratories with large non-standard sized items. Thousands of glassware items a day presents no problem for the large 1600 LXP chamber that can wash and dry on 4 levels simultaneously. Racks are interchangeable between any of the 4 levels allowing many loading options. It is also ideal for very large vessels - 20 to 100 litres (5 - 26 gallons).

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[list]  [*] Vast chamber (26/655cm wide x 34/855cm deep) for high volume  [*] Robust control system allowing for great washer functionality  [*] Optional independent monitoring system  [*] Powerful and rapid HEPA filtered drying through injectors and in wash chamber  [*] Increased safety with on-board storage and input of chemicals  [*] Higher grade 316 L Stainless Steel Chamber  [/list]      All Lancer washers feature these key benefits:  [list]  [*] Fast cycles and outstanding results from powerful wash action and design  [*] Easy to use microprocessor controls with self-diagnostic software and alarms  [*] Flexibility of multi-level injection washing and interchangeable racks  [*] All sizes and types of glassware cleaned with chamber configuration choices  [*] Ergonomic and safe loading of racks on load bearing telescopic runners  [*] Choice of preset and user-customized (PIN code protected) programs  [*] Accurate and repeated intake of cleaning chemicals by automatic peristaltic dosing pumps  [*] Robust high grade 304 L and 316L stainless steel construction (varies by model)  [*] IQ/OQ protocol and validation options available  [*] Cost effective  low life cycle costs and efficient operation uses less resources and inventory  [*] Eco-friendly low energy, chemicals and water usage  [/list]


Height33.66 in
Length 25.98 in
Weight474 lbs
Width25.79 in

Additional Specifications

Feed Water Pressure 29-87 psig (200 to 600 KPa)  Heat Loss 5,950 Btu/hr (1,744 watts)  Noise Level < 69 dB  Recirculation Pump (flow rate) 198 gal/min (750 L/min)  Wash/Rinse Cycles 4 pre-programmed, 36 user-defined cycles  Water Consumption 7.9 to 9.2 gal per fill (30 L - 35 L per fill)  Flow Rate 35 L/min  Internal Depth 25.98 in  Maximum Temperature 95 °C  Power Requirement 208 V-3 Ph, 230 V-3 Ph, 480 V-3 Ph, 21 kW

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