Lancer - 810LX
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The Ultimate Space Saving Washer

[b]The Ultimate Space Saving Washer[/b]    In today’s laboratory, space and money are often in short supply. With this in mind, Lancer has engineered the 810 LX undercounter glassware washer to be a perfect fit for any lab and any budget. While fitting neatly in standard 24”/60cm laboratory casework, the entry level underbench 810 LX lab washer offers professional features and the same high performance cleaning principles of all Lancer washers. Rack systems are common across the 810-1300 LX and 1800 LXA models enabling economical upgrade when expanding the capacity of your lab.

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10 years ago
Lancer 810LX

Looking to purchase a used Lancer 810LX.




[list]  [*] Efficient direct injection cleaning  [*] Ideal for minimum space or budget  [*] Flexibility with two independent wash levels and interchangeable racks  [*] Economical and accurate dosing by two peristaltic pumps  [*] High grade stainless steel clad on all sides for stand alone applications    All Lancer washers feature these key benefits:  [*] Fast cycles and outstanding results from powerful wash action and design  [*] Easy to use microprocessor controls with self-diagnostic software and alarms  [*] Flexibility of multi-level injection washing and interchangeable racks  [*] All sizes and types of glassware cleaned with chamber configuration choices  [*] Ergonomic and safe loading of racks on load bearing telescopic runners  [*] Choice of preset and user-customized (PIN code protected) programs  [*] Accurate and repeated intake of cleaning chemicals by automatic peristaltic dosing pumps  [*] Robust high grade 304 L and 316L stainless steel construction (varies by model)  [*] IQ/OQ protocol and validation options available  [*] Cost effective – low life cycle costs and efficient operation uses less resources and inventory  [*] Eco-friendly low energy, chemicals and water usage  [/list]

Additional Specifications

Washer height:845 mm / 33.25 in  Washer width:600 mm / 23.62 in  Washer depth:700 mm / 27.55 in  Chamber height:508 mm / 20 in  Chamber width:535 mm / 21 in  Chamber depth:510 mm / 20 in  Total electrical power:7 kw  Net weight:85 kg / 188 lbs  Loading Height:250 mm / 10 in  Water consumption:12 L / 3.1 gal - per fill  Heat loss:2,380 Btu/600 Kcal/h  Sound loss:<63 dBa  Steam condenser:standard

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