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Hematology Analyzer 

The Celly 70 is a sophisticated electronic blood cell counter which accurately counts and sizes different cell types in a wide range of animal species. A full profile, including a three-part differential WBC, is produced in only 50 seconds. Accurate information is produced regardless of the animal’s state of health. We provide a special anticoagulant which helps to eliminate problems with cat platelet clumping. Well over 95% of your blood samples will be analysed without the need for further tests. We have over 20 satisfied veterinary customers nationwide.

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9 years ago
Mentenance kit

Where from can we buy a mentenance kit?



10 years ago




  • Methods :Impedance. Colorimetry.
  • Aperture sizes : RBC/Plt : 60µm . WBC : 80µm .
  • Quick and simple assembling and dis-assembling without tool.
  • Database : > 15 000 results & graphics with 32 Mo Flash memory
  • Search: Id, Last Name, First name, Date, Time
  • Alpha-numeric Identification : Id, Last Name, First name.
  • Printout : Two lines Header. 
  • Resultats & graphics (two formats: 40 columns and 80 columns) 
  • Printout with or without graphic.
  • Listing Printout with or without statistics.
  • Quality Control :Blood Control 8 files of tri level Quality Control .Up to 255 tests per lot and level. 80 colonnes selective listing Printout with statistics.80 colonnes multi pages Printout of all graphics including targets, limits, means and standard devisation.    
  • Laboratory Information System :Monodirectionnel serial link.

Additional Specifications

  • Throughput :Up to 70 samples/H
  • Sample :Whole blood, prediluted
  • Sample Volumes :Whole Blood : 16 µL  
  • Capillary : 25 µL
  • Data base :> 15 000 results and histograms with Flash memory
  • Computer :PC Compatible 84 alpha-numeric keyboard
  • Screen monitor
  • Flash Memory
  • 2 serial links RS232C (one for the host)
  • Parallel link
  • Printer (option)
  • Dimensions & Weight :H x L x P : 430 x 450 x 510 mm .25 Kg
  • Power supply :100 - 240 V .47 - 63 Hz
  • Power :200 VA

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