STERIS - Reliance Vision Single Chamber

Introducing the Reliance Vision Single-chamber Washer/Disinfector, a total integrated washing solution from STERIS.

Sterile processing departments are challenged with achieving higher productivity levels than ever before. As a result, Customers need a powerful washing and disinfection system that can process high volumes of medical devices, utensils and delicate instruments quickly, efficiently and safely. Customers also need a system that is simple to operate and maintain.  
Introducing the Reliance Vision Single-chamber Washer/Disinfector, a total integrated washing solution from STERIS. Featuring the newest innovations in the single-chamber market, the Reliance Vision combines the latest technology with a groundbreaking design to provide maximum throughput and unparalleled performance.

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6 months ago
CPU issue
CPU and hard drive went out. Replaced Allen Bradley CPU and cloned hard drive from another SC Vision Washer. Turned unit on and it went thru its normal booting process, then it stopped and asked for the Administrator Password. called Steris and they said it was an AB issue, called AB and they said it was a Steris issue. Sounds almost like Steris doesn't want to help because I didn't purchase the CPU from them. Reply


6 months ago
Looking for the Service Tech password for the SC Vision Washer
trying to get into the Service mode to change some settings.Reply


a year ago
Strange symptoms
Hello, I am having a very strange issue with one of my Vision washers. Twice tonight I have gotten calls with the customer stating that the chamber is overfilling and having nearly two feet of water in it. I have tested the water level sensors in service mode and through running cycles. They are working fine. The pneumatics are opening the drain valve fine, drain line doesn't seem to be clogged, drain filter isn't dirty, water inlet valves aren't leaking. Everything checks out. However, both times that I have come in, the rack in the chamber has been empty, and the water has been completely clear. No chemicals or anything. So basically I'm wondering if there is any possible way of this happening without someone overfilling the chamber in service mode, as some of our staff unfortunately know the service passwords. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.Reply


Productivity & Connectivity   

Faster, optimized cycles    Touch screen, PC controls can interface with instrument tracking and OR scheduling    Longer spray arms and outward spraying nozzles for improved coverage    Large capacity for processing high volumes of medical devices, utensils and delicate instruments    Improved drying system    Integrated flow meters provide verification of chemistry injection rates, even down to the Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate levels   


Easy-to-clean spray arms; simple assembly    Self-flushing centrifugal filter system prevents spray arms from clogging and helps minimize maintenance    PC control is remote monitoring enabled allowing proactive/predictive repair for improved system uptime    Racks are capable of lumen flushing   


Ergonomic design enhances operator safety    Immediate-level disinfection phase helps reduce the risk of infection for patients and staff    Cool-touch handles on racks for safe handling of racks once they exit the washer    Environmentally friendly system uses less water, detergent and utilities

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