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Hematology Analyzer 

The 2280 system uses an advanced flow cytometer. This has eliminated the need for fluorescence when immunopheno-typing blood cells, such as the T-Helper (CD4+) subset of lymphocytes. The 2280 cytograms are automatically created and populations characterized with a simultaneous complete blood cell count, without any sample or software manipulation or instrument operator intervention. The operator simply loads the closed whole blood EDTA patient sample, and the 2280 system automatically performs all remaining steps. Reagent addition, mixing, incubation and analysis are all completed without any operator participation, and thus without any biohazard exposure.

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  • 22 parameters, 2 scattergrams and 2 histograms
  • Optional CD4 and CD4% also available
  • Short sample detection
  • Proprietary laser technology, 5 part WBC differential
  • Impedance technology for cell counting
  • State of the art patented platelet counting technique
  • 80 samples per hour
  • Sample size flexibility satisfies a wide range of end user requirement 

Additional Specifications

  • Multi-dimensional optical scattering using stable laser diode light source to optimize the measurement of WBC differential
  • Electrical resistance for counting (WBC, RBC, Plt) and sizing (Plt,RBC)
  • Optical absorbance of cyanmethemoglobin for hemoglobin measurement (there is also an optional cyanide-free reagent).
  • Full CBC with 5 part differential in under one minute.

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