Triangle Biomedical Sciences - CUT4060 Rotary Microtome
by Triangle Biomedical Sciences

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The CUT 4060s basic design creates a user-friendly microtome that is built to last and ideal for use in a high production laboratory setting. The solid construction and precision engineering make it a true work-horse. Integrated LCD Information Display counts the number of revolutions of the fine advance hand wheel and resets instantly with the push of a button. The Autotrim feature accelerates trimming by proving three pre-set positions for controlled coarse advance of 10 micrometers, 20 micrometers and 30 micrometers. Mechanical Retraction of the specimen arm prevents contact between the specimen and blade during the return stroke. This eliminates the accumulation of debris on the back edge of the blade, extends blade life and improves sectioning consistency. For accuracy and dependability the CUT4055 and CUT4060 rotary microtomes are ideal for routine and research applications. These microtomes offer outstanding control and precision when sectioning biological specimens embedded in paraffin or plastic, and materials for industry.

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  • LCD information display
  • Mechanical retraction
  • Autotrim feature (cut4060)
  • Built-in ease, safety and precision
  • Precise specimen guideway
  • Advanced disposable blade holder system
  • Solid construction
  • Easy maintenance

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