Triangle Biomedical Sciences - CUT4060E Rotary Microtome
by Triangle Biomedical Sciences

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Use this microtome to section paraffin or plastic embedded specimens, hard specimens such as mineralized bone, or industrial materials. The SHUR/Cut" 4060E has all of the features of the SHUR/Cut" 4060 plus the option of a motor driven cutting stroke. While manual sectioning is always possible, even during a power failure, use of the motor drive will reduce user repetitive motions that can lead to work-related musculoskeletal disorders. To engage the motor drive, the handle on the fine advance hand wheel is moved from its routine manual position to a central position on the hand wheel. A detached handpad provides the choice of sectioning speed, mode of operation, and start & stop functions, and can be programmed to imitate the users normal cutting motions. Footpad option allows hands-free operation. Activating the readily accessible emergency stop button provides an extra measure of safety by halting the specimen arm immediately and shutting down the motor. Items included with the microtome are the same as items included with the SHUR/Cut" 4055.

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