Leica Biosystems - ASP300 S
by Leica Biosystems


Fully enclosed tissue processor.

Fully enclosed tissue processor is designed for routine and research histopathology of up to 300 cassettes Leica ASP300 S. Proven technology combined with top quality components and Leica RemoteCare diagnostic (optional) provide superior instrument reliability. Straightforward routine user operations by an intuitive user interface, color touch screen and a variety of smart features, such as Reagent Management System and quick start for commonly used programs, improve specimen quality and laboratory economy.

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-Eng. Azpurua
a year ago
Service of rotary valve and part numbers
Dear Friend I need to service a ASP300s instrument at a remote location. I would deeply appreciate if you could share the Service Manual with me. My email is luisaz@sst-intl.com. Thank you in advance. Best RegardsReply


a year ago
I get a warning message
Tissue tracking device ASP 300 S finishes the process smoothly. But I start STANDART cleaning program ( Bottle 11: Cleaning Xylene cycle 11 and 65 degree , Bottle 12: Cleaning Alcohol 6 Cycle 50 degree, Bottle 13: Cleaning Water-Alcohol 5 Cycle 50 degree) . ASP 300 S warning fault step 12 only. Error Mesaage is 452 : The Software has detected overpressure during an operation. Switch the power off and back on to clear this condition and contact your service organization before using the ASP 300 again. Then the system resets itself. Cleaning program resumes and completes. PLEASE HELP ME ! What is problem?Reply


2 years ago
Leica tissue processor ASP300s
Iam looking for support Can any one give me the service manuals of tissue processor Leica ASP 300 .Many Thanks,moheReply


  • Easy-to-learn and operate user interface with a solvent-resistant color touchscreen

  • Simplified software with context-sensitive online help feature " RemoteCare" for real-time application and service support

  • Comprehensive safety system with innovative reagent compatibility check

  • Instrument performance control

  • Remote Fill and Drain feature

  • Enhanced Reagent Management System (RMS)

  • Precise temperature control and reagent agitation for short protocols

  • 4 user-defined cleaning programs

  • Active paraffin cleaning program

  • Two-level password security

  • Comprehensive documentation options

  • Durable construction, which incorporates leading-edge technology

Additional Specifications

Maximum capacity -
metal basket 300 cassettes
Maximum capacity -
microwaveable plastic basket 252 cassettes
Retort material: stainless steel
Level sensing: optical sensors
Processing retort volume: 4.3 liters
Paraffin temperature range: 4065 °C
Reagent temperature range: ambient, 3055 °C
Temperature accuracy +/ 1 °C
Retort draining: selectable (80, 120, 140 seconds),
3 steps
Vacuum & pressure options 4 (V/P, V, P, Ambient)
Vacuum  70 kPa (g)
Pressure +35 kPa (g)
Recirculation (pump in/out)
 Time before first cycle 12 minutes
 Time between cycles 20 minutes
Incubation time 099 hours, 59 minutes
Delayed end-time programmable, up to one week
Number of paraffin baths 3, connected directly to the retort
Paraffin bath volume 4.3 liters each
Average paraffin melting time approx. 10 hours
Number of reagent bottles 10
Reagent bottle volume 4.3 liters each
Clean cycle bottles 3, plus 1 external
Display Color touchscreen,
Reagent Management System "
Remote fill and drain system "
Remote paraffin drain system "
Reagent drip tray "
3.5 disc drive "
Two external alarm connections "
Parallel printer port "
Serial port "
Approvals The Leica ASP300 S has been
designed and manufactured in
compliance with, CSA-us,
c-CSA and IEC requirements.
Overall dimensions (D x W x H) 68 x 59 x 132 cm
(27 x 24 x 52 inches)
Weight (instrument only) 140 kg (308.7 lbs)
Technical specifications subject to change. Wide range of accessories on

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