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The ACCU-CHEK Inform system is designed to make testing fast and easy, so you have the time and freedom to focus on your patients.

Used in more hospitals than any other brand, ACCU-CHEK blood glucose monitoring systems offer you unsurpassed clinical accuracy across a wide range of patients.    The ACCU-CHEK Inform system is designed to make testing fast and easy, so you have the time and freedom to focus on your patients – and the help you need to make patient safety a top priority.        To make blood glucose testing easier, the ACCU-CHEK Inform system lets you configure its reporting functions to match your institution’s policies, facilitate regulatory compliance, streamline your workload, and enhance your patient safety efforts.

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9 years ago
Test Stand Mode

The screen says, "Test Stand Mode

I-100 The meter is configured to power up in Test Stand Mode

(there is a flashing hourglasson the screen also)



10 years ago
Accu check machine

When turning the meter on,

enter your identification by:

A. Press & release the scan button on the upper

right & scan your badge

B.insert your badge into the card reader at the top

& swipe

C.Key in your numbers of your operator ID

( found on the back of my badge)

D.insert the code key assigned to you in the slot

at the bottom



12 years ago
Accuchek inform housing

We are experiencing a lot of plastic breakage on the housing and have had to sent the units back to have repaired.  

Does anyone have this same problem and how do you handle it?



[list]    [*] AMR validation - Reportable range can be configured to match your AMR and prevent reporting results outside of it.     [*] Critical range reporting - Meter can be configured to report critical range values as CR HI or CR LO and help prevent patient intervention based on unconfirmed critical values.     [*] Simple, reliable testing - ACCU-CHEK Comfort Curve test strips offer a unique curved target area and capillary action for simplified testing and out-of-meter dosing for improved infection control.     [*] Proven accuracy - Oxygen-independent chemistry (100-600 mg/dL), proven accuracy at varying hematocrit levels, and no interferences from more than 125 substances.     [*] Enhanced Patient ID (EPID) - The ability to require two unique patient identifiers to address the Joint Commission’s #1 patient safety goal.        Capture, control and connect manual POC test data     [*] Record, report and manage electronic glucose data plus manual test data     [*] Transfer results seamlessly to hospital LIS     [*] Simplify regulatory documentation and material log tracking     [*] Increase cost capture opportunities    [/list]


Height195 nm
Length 40 mm
Weight325 g
Width95 mm

Additional Specifications

Memory Capacity At least 4000 results

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