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True RBC morphology advances cell separation to a new level that allows for the differentiation of various disease states, including those associated with anemia – no doubts, higher confidence, better efficiency.  
Two dimensional optical platelets analyze both extra-cellular and intracellular properties, ensuring that large platelets are included in your counts, and known interferences are not – no doubts, higher confidence, better efficiency.

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-Nass Vet lab
9 years ago

During a rinse or a clean there is an overflow of rinse solution

forced out through the sample probe (OTS) as well in the Acts



10 years ago
ran wrong control

I had completed the process for the perox lamp alignment and the set light intensity...I was then to run a normal control to verify Neut x and Neut y values.  I ran the low control by mistake and now my differential values are incorrect with my neutrophils and my monocytes.  How do I correct this?  I tried doing the same processes again and running my normal control but it did not correct the values.  Is there an easy fix for this problem?



11 years ago

please help in providing supply order numbers for our advia stain and buffer.

we are at st josephs medical center in the heights, houston, texas 77008

we use the stain,buffer combo for manual staining.

gabriele scott




Customized Options Manage Your Workload - ADVIA 2120 Multispecies Software   

•Supports 21 Species and Strains   •Up to 30 additional user-defined species  

.The ADVIA 2120 Hematology System - Now Playing in a Laboratory Near You.   

•Proven Technological Productivity   •Practical Automation   •Real World Convenience

Additional Specifications

Performance Specifications   
WBC 0.02 to 400 x 103/µL   
RBC 0.0 to 7.0 x 106/µL   
PLT 5.0 to 3500 x 103/µL   
HB 0.0 to 22.5 g/dL   
Retic 0.2 to 24.5%   
Test Selectivity / Throughput   
CBC 120 Samples/hr.   
CBC/DIFF 120 Samples/hr.   
CBC/DIFF/Retic 74 Samples/hr.   
CBC/Retic 74 Samples/hr.   
Retic 74 Samples/hr.   
Sample Modes / Volumes   
Closed Tube 175µL.   
Closed Tube 175µL.   
Open Tube 175µL.   
Weight and Dimensions   
Analytical Module with Autosampler:   
Weight 193 kg / 425 lbs   
Height 86 cm / 33.8 in   
Width 141 cm / 55.5 in   
Depth 68 cm / 26.8 in   
Analytical Module without Autosampler:   
Weight 163 kg / 360 lbs   
Height 86 cm / 33.8 in   
Width 81 cm / 31.9 in   
Depth 68 cm / 26.8 in   
Data Management   
Data Base 10,000 Patient Storage Capacity  
Including Graphics.   
Review and Edit Capability: User Defined Windows  
User Defined Reports  
User Defined Ranges based on Age and Sex for Normal Range, Panic, Rerun and Delta Check Criteria   
Bi-Directional and Host Query Communication Protocols.   
Complete Quality Control Package: 3D bar and SDI graphs  
Levey-Jennings plot  
Table format  
Patient moving average  
QC file management  
ILQC program  
Remote QC   
Extensive Online Documentation: Context sensitive field help  
Operations manual  
Procedure wizards assistance  
Problem solving diagnostics  
Remote diagnostics   
Workstation Specifications   
Windows 2000®  
40 gigabyte hard disk drive  
256 MB memory  
17” Color LCD Monitor  
Full size keyboard (major languages)   
Physical Specifications   
Electrical Power Requirements: Dedicated Line  
Voltage Selectable for Single-Phase:  
100 VAC (6 AMPS) – 240 VAC (3 AMPS)  
Frequency: 50/60 HZ   
Temperature Requirements: Operating: 18ºC – 32ºC  
Storage: -40ºC – +70ºC   
Relative Humidity: Operating: 15% – 80% (noncondensing)  
Heat Generation – less than 3000 BTU’s.   
Waste Disposal: Azide–free reagents drain into a waste  
container with automatic level-sensor shutoff  
Optional auto waste removal system  
Auto Sampler Option   
150 Sample Capacity: 15 Racks with 10 tube capacity   
Compatible Tube Types: VACUTAINER®, HEMOGARD®, Monovette®, Venoject®II, Venosafe®, Vacuette®, Monoject®   
Bar Code Reader: Up to 14 digits   
Automatic discrimination of label codes: Codabar  
Interleave 2 of 5 with and without check digit  
Code 39  
Code128 EAN and JAN (8 and 13)   
Other Specifications   
Onboard analytical and wash reagents (1850 CBC/Diff tests).  
Automated Daily Maintenance – fully programmable.

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