Belmont - Buddy Plus Fluid Warmer
by Belmont

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New battery powered fluid warmer specifically designed for patient transport.

[u][i]Air worthy! – Certified for helicopter transport[/i][u]

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[list]        [*] Power: Runs on AC line or from large capacity rechargeable battery built into the Power Module.         [*] Automatic switchover to battery at loss of power. Can be used where line power is unreliable.         [*] Self-contained: Battery, charger, and line power interface are all built-in and ready to go.         [*] High Capacity: Warms at least 5 liters of fluid to 38°C from 20°C infusate in a single battery cycle.         [*] Mounts to a litter or an IV pole.         [*] Display: Shows fluid temperature, battery charge status, and alarm messages      [/list]

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Senator Scott Brown visits Belmont Instrument Corporation

Senator Scott Brown visits Belmont Instrument Corporation

U.S. Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts (R) pays a visit to Belmont Instrument Corporation's headquarters

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