GFMD - Silencer S2210

Silencer S2210

GFMD Ltd manufactures the Silencer® brand name of BRUSHLESS centrifuges, which have proven to be the quietest, most reliable centrifuge on the market for more than 25 years. The Silencer® brand of centrifuge is known thoughout the clinical laboratory as The Silent Solution®. Silencer® has become the standard in the clinical laboratory marketplace.

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-B dash RAD
7 months ago
Relocation advice
Are there any specific requirements for preparing this machine for relocation to a temporary facility 100 yards from it's current location?Reply


9 months ago
Rotor does not engage
I have a unit that will not engage the rotor motor. I can manually start the machine and it will continue to work for a couple of cycles. Could this possibly be the relay? The control board was replaced recently as the old one burned out. Thanks in advance for any suggestions / help.Reply


a year ago
Error code help 7.1
Power board is getting power, no power to motor measured. Unit comes on then goes ton error when starting. Could this be a power board issue? All wiring has been checked and reconnected as well Thank you.Reply


  • Brushless DC Motor (1 H.P.)
  • Completely Enclosed Rotor Chamber
  • High-Strength Alloy Rotor Chamber With Drain
  • See-Through High-Strength Lid
  • Dual Safety Interlock System - To Ensure The Lid Is Closed And Locked
  • Lid Interlock Warning Light
  • Rotor Imbalance Protection
  • Imbalance Warning Light
  • RCF Display
  • Biohazard Containment Option Is Easily Added
  • Piston Lid-Assist Automatic Dynamic Braking System With "OFF" Switch
  • Audible End Of Run Indicator
  • Spill Resistant Control Panel
  • Direct Drive System
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Digital Speed Display
  • Digital Time Display
  • Timer Range 1-99 Plus Hold


Maximum Speed4000 rpm
Height16.5 in
Length 21.5 in
Width19.25 in

Additional Specifications

    Maximum RCF: 3,200 x g 1,328 x g       
    Approx. Acceleration Rate: 0 - 4000 RPM: 60 seconds   
    Approx. Deceleration Rate: 4000 - 0 RPM       
    Brake On: 60 seconds       
    Brake Off: 360 seconds     

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