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Hettich Rotina 420 and Hettich Rotina 420R refrigerated tabletop centrifuge

Developed for large volumes, yet not overly large in size. High performance when it counts, yet cost-effective and fair to the budget. The refrigerated ROTINA 420 R centrifuge offers these benefits and more. The compact benchtop centrifuge is conceived for high sample throughput as well as for high sample volumes. With a maximum capacity of 4 x 600 ml, 140 blood collection tubes or 16 microtiter plates it is ideal for applications in clinical chemistry, in biotechnology and in life science research facilities. Temperature in the refrigerated ROTINA 420 R is controllable within a range of – 20 °C to + 40 °C. The temperature can also be set in Fahrenheit degrees. The recurring theme with Hettich: larger capacity, larger feature set, smaller benchtop real estate, lower cost of ownership.

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3 days ago
Lid will not stay up
I have replaced a broken gas spring for the Rotina 420 and now the lid will not remain in the up right position. Has anyone experienced this problem?Reply
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  • Entry of parameters - Entry of parameters can be carried out fast and conveniently via the waterproof foil keypad. Just a few keys are all it takes to program the centrifuging parameters. The last entered values will be stored. They remain in the memory even after the centrifuge has been switched off. By pressing the START key the parameters are recalled. 
  • Clear Display - The clearly arranged display is easy to read. During centrifugation the actual values are digitally displayed. 
  • Programmable small control - Programmable small control- 3 complete operation programs can be stored and recalled. 
  • Input in increments of 10 - Input in minutes 
  • Relative Centrifugal Force RCF - Inputs in increments of 1 
  • Run-up/run-down time - Input of acceleration and braking ramps in levels 1-9 and unbraked run-down. 
  • Radius r/mm - Input of the radius is required for determining RPM and RCF.


Maximum Speed15000 rpm
Height15.2 in
Length 22.5 in
Width19.4 in

Additional Specifications

    Weight 420/420R: 166/234 lbs         
    Rotina 420/420R: 800 VA/ 1300 VA   

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