Hettich - ROTINA 380/380R
Manufactured by Hettich

Hettich Rotina 380 and Hettich Rotina 38R refrigerated tabletop centrifuge.

The high-performance benchtop centrifuges ROTINA 38 and ROTINA 380 R impress by state- of- the- art technology, large capacity, extremely easy handling and exceptionally smooth and quiet running. Accommodating a multitude of tubes used in today´s laboratory routine the ROTINA 380 type of centrifuges enable a wide range of applications. Developed for high efficiency whisper quiet operation, the  
ROTINA 380/380 R are mainly employed in diagnostics, cell culture, genetics research and microbiology.



-Steph Phleb
a month ago
Adjustment Dial
Our lab has a Rotina 380, which is well over 6 years old. We recently had a specimen which required us to change the RCF. After looking through the manual, I saw that we were supposed to press the RCF button and use the Adjustment Dial to get to the required RCF. When I turned the Adjustment Dial, it just turned, it did not change anything. I tried to turn it clockwise and then counter clockwise by neither were making any change. I am assuming that our Adjustment Dial needs to be looked at. Is this a repair that we can do easily in the lab? If not is it expensive to have someone come in and fix it?Reply
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  1. The fully developed up to date N control panel meets the requirements of the users and is extremely easy to operate. 
  2. Entry of the parameters is fast, precise and convenient with selector keys on the waterproof foil keypad. 
  3. The large display is easy to read. During centrifugation the actual values of the parameters are indicated. 
  4. The parameters remain in the memory even after the centrifuge has been switched off.  
  5. Automatic lid locking mechanism 
  6. High speed with angle rotors 
  7. Imbalance switch- off 
  8. Motor overheating protection 
  9. High capacity with swing-out rotors 


Maximum Speed15000 rpm
Height379 mm
Length 563 mm
Width468 mm

Additional Specifications

ROTINA 380: 880 VA   
ROTINA 380R: 1300 VA   
ROTINA 380: 47 kg   
ROTINA 380R: 73 kg  

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Hettich - ROTINA 380/380R

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